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Oystein Aarseth Euronymous R.I.P 22 March 1968 – 10 August 1993

It's now 25 years since Euronymous passed away.

Øystein Aarseth (Norwegian: [ˈœʏstæɪn ˈɔʂət]; 22 Walk 1968 – 10 August 1993),[1] better known by his stage name Euronymous.  Euronymous was a Norwegian guitarist and famous or rather imfamous for being the founder of the band Mayhem.  Oystein is often regarded as the originator of the Norwegian style.  He is often accredited as having pioneered the signature black metal guitar riff, the distinctive tremelo-picked guitar style.  Fenriz has gone on record as saying that it came from Bathory, however that it hadn't yet been stylized.  He was a pivotal figure in the development of the early scene hich centered around his Helvere record shop.  He was the principle member of Mayhem from 1984 right up until his demise in 1993. In addition to the store he also owned a record label called Deathlike Silence Productions, of which many now well known bands were signed.

Euronymous maintained that he was a Satanist (If it's possible that s…

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